12 Cheap Bottles Of Liquor That Actually Make Awesome Gifts

Be honest  — the best gifts often come in a glass bottle.

That said, sometimes the holiday season requires a bit of budgeting. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a quality bottle of liquor.

Business Insider turned to Robert Haynes Peterson, a writer and liquor expert; Pam Wiznitzer, bartender at NYC cocktail standout The Dead Rabbit; Danny Neff; bartender at The Bar Room; and Jessie Dure of American Whiskey, to compile a list of 12 bottles under $US27 that are actually really great.

Whether you’re looking for yourself or shopping around for friends, be sure to give these a shot.

Southern Comfort Gingerbread Spice

What better way to bring in the holidays than with gingerbread-flavored liquor? It goes particularly well with hot apple cider -- and comes in festive packaging.

Price: $US11.99

Elijah Craig 12

The Elijah Craig small batch is a 12-year-old Bourbon made from 100 barrels or less. It's named for Rev. Elijah Craig, who reportedly discovered a bourbon-making method by storing the liquor in fire-charred barrels.

Price: $US24.99

Bacardi Superior in the Red Tin

This Bacardi bottle is just a regular bottle of the drink, but encased in a holiday-appropriate, festive colour.

Price: $US20

Old Overholt

Rye whiskey is an underappreciated liquor fundamental to a good Sazarac or an old-school Manhattan. Old Overhold is the oldest straight rye whiskey on the market. It's a product of Kentucky. You can't go wrong.

Price: $US18.99

Absolut Andy Warhol Limited Edition

Back in 1986, Absolut Vodka teamed up with pop artist Andy Warhol to create bottle-inspired art -- which has led to almost four decades of booze-and-artist collaborations. And to celebrate, Absolut has released this special Limited Edition bottle inspired by Warhol's art, images, and character.

And it's the same price as a regular bottle of Absolut Vodka.

Price: $US26

W. L. Weller 12 year old

This 'wheated' bourbon is sweeter than a rye bourbon and makes for an easy tasting experience. It's a great starter-bourbon for somebody easing their way into whiskeys and has a particularly creamy taste.

Price: $US25.99


PAMA is a pomegranate-flavored liqueur made with pomegranate juice, vodka, and tequila. It's 34 proof and a gorgeous ruby colour. And it makes a great cosmo, mojito, or champagne cocktail.

Price: $US20.99

Olmeca Altos Tequila

Olmeca's platos smells sweet and citrusy but has a hot, peppery taste. 'Altos' refers to Mexico's highlands where the best tequilas are produced.

Price: $US21.99

El Dorado 12

This rum comes from Guyana and won a gold medal and 'best in class' at the 2011 International Wine and Spirits Competition. Brewed in whiskey and bourbon barrels, it balances sweet, smoky, and savory flavours.

Price: $US25.99

Sorel Liqueur

Red Hook-based Jack From Brooklyn makes this artisinal liqueur. It combines Nigerian ginger, Moroccan hibiscus, and Brazilian clove, Indonesian nutmeg with organic grain alcohol to make a delicious holiday drink. Drink it hot or cold, straight or mixed.

Price: $US24.95

Wondermint Schnapps

There always comes a point in the holiday party when somebody pulls out the schnapps. Wondermint is based on a Death's Door vodka, distilled from wheat and barley. It's then redistilled with mint and almond oil and sweetened with sugar.

Price: $US22.99

Tequila Avión Añejo

Tequila Avión is produced by fifth-generation agave growers in the Jalisco, Mexico, highlands and comes in four varieties: Reposado, Silver, Añejo, and the Espresso Liqueur. (There's also the Reserva, but that's in a different price range.)

We recommend the añejo -- it has a woody and peachy aroma and tastes of vanilla, caramel, coconut, and maple.

Price: $US23.95

Maybe you are more into high end liquor...

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