14 Christmas gift ideas under $55 that'll take any home bar from dull to the place to be

Hale+Bar+CartWayfairOnce you’ve gotten the perfect bar cart, you’ll need to stock the shelves with essentials like shakers, wine openers, coasters, and glassware.
  • Help your friend spruce up their home bar this Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
  • Stocking a bar with essentials doesn’t have to break the bank, and will help them be prepared for any guests.
  • From jiggers to shakers to electric wine openers, these bar cart essentials all ring in under A$55.
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A home bar can create a welcoming and inviting space when your friends come over – it’s like the office water cooler, but in someone’s living room. If you do know someone with a fancy home bar, they’ll need to stock it with essential barware, glassware, and gadgets so that their friends will never be told, “Oh, I don’t have that to make the drink.”

Thankfully, you don’t need to compromise on giving them the essentials because of a hefty price tag. From jiggers to shakers to electric wine openers, here are all the bar essentials your friend need – all A$55 and under.

If you don’t know anyone with a home bar that needs sprucing, these are all great options for your own bar – especially with New Year’s Eve right around the corner.

Browse our list of bar accessories below:

A jigger

Image: Amazon

Adjustable Jigger, A$10.85

This adjustable jigger measures out alcohol so your cocktails don’t taste like pure alcohol. It measures between a 1/2 ounce to 2 ounces, increasing by 1/2 ounce increments.

An electric wine opener

Image: Amazon

Electrical Wine Bottle Opener, A$39.99

This electric wine bottle opener is cordless so you can pass it around the party and pop a cork in just seconds. The rechargeable device can open 60-70 bottles on a single charge with the press of one button.

A set of stemless wine glasses

Image: Amazon

Luigi Bormioli Stemless Wine Glasses (6-pack), A$37

These stemless wine glasses can hold 670mL and are great because of their low centre of gravity. This helps prevent the glass from tipping over so easily – even though they’re made from shatter-resistant glass, it’s best not to try your luck.

A set of coasters

Image: Amazon

Enkore Ceramic Coasters (4-set), A$12

Protect your tables from water rings and stains with these marble coasters – they even have velvet bottoms to protect the surface of your table. They measure 4.3 inches in diameter, so they fit cans, glasses, and cups with ease. To wash, just wipe down with a damp cloth.

A coaster holder

Image: Catch

ThirstyStone 12.5cm Black Wrought Iron Coaster Holder, A$17

These 12.5cm coaster holders are made from wrought iron. This holder can house up to four coasters if you organise them horizontally and can hold 11x11cm square shapes. If it gets sticky or dirty, just rinse with water and a small amount of soap.

A cocktail shaker

Image: Amazon

Cocktail Shaker plus Mixing Spoon and Jigger, A$36.99

This stainless steel cocktail shaker set comes with a muddler, double-sided jigger, stirrer spoon and a pair of ice tongs. The top has a built-in strainer, so you can easily shake and serve cocktails without additional gadgets. Once you’re done, the entire shaker can go into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

A wine bottle stopper

Image: Catch

Pulltex Silicone Wine Stopper (2-pack), A$12.95

Preserve your open wine bottles with these leak-proof bottle stoppers; they’re more like caps than they are stoppers as they cover the bottle opening. Made from silicone, these caps fit all standard wine bottles and beer bottles due to its slightly stretchy material. If they get dirty you can wash them by hand or in the dishwasher.

A set of Champagne flutes

Image: Catch

Krosno Harmony Champagne Flutes (6-pack), A$29.95

Made from crystalline glass, these Champagne flutes add a bit of class to your bar cart. Each glass can hold up to 180ml of toast-making bubbly. When the party is over, it’s recommended that you handwash these flutes so they don’t break in the dishwasher.

A set of fun cocktail stirrers

Image: Kogan

20cm Stir Sticks (5-pack), A$33.40

Liven up the party and your drink with these 20cm cocktail stirrers. Made from stainless steel, each stirrer is topped with a fun animal or object that adds character to each drink and also acts as a drink identifier at gatherings. It’s recommended that the stirrers be handwashed.

A set of whiskey glasses

Image: Amazon

Anchor Hocking Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses (4-pack), A$38

These crystal glasses are a simple yet elegant addition to any bar cart. Each glass can hold up to 310mL of your favourite whiskey, bourbon, Old Fashioned, or any drink (we won’t judge). To clean, just place on the top shelf of the dishwasher or rinse out with water.

An ice sphere mould

Image: Amazon

Tovolo Leak-Free, Sphere Ice Molds, available on Amazon for A$20.42

These spherical ice molds create a large ice ball that measures about 2.5 inches in diameter. These slow-melting ice balls are perfect for whiskey or scotch, and they keep your drink colder for longer. The silicone mould is also leak-proof and flexible so freezing and serving your ice ball is hassle-free.

*May arrive after Christmas.

A bottle opener

Image: Kogan

Can Punch and Bottle Opener, A$12

Never fumble trying to open a bottle again with this bottle opener complete with comfortable wooden grip. This tool also has a can punch on the opposite side to easily open mixers and juice.

A pack of stainless steel straws

ALINK 26cm Stainless Steel Straws (8-pack), A$7.99

Made from food-grade stainless steel, these straws are eco-friendly and reusable. The set comes with four straight straws, four bent straws, and two cleaning brushes.

A set of shot glasses

Image: Kogan

Wiltshire Shot Glasses (6-pack), A$25

Get the party started with these heavy-base shot glasses made for stability and fun. Each one can hold up to 40mL of your favourite liquor to enjoy or measure out for cocktails. This bundle comes with four shot glasses.

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