Chavo Guerrero Jr. Released By The WWE

The WWE website announced the release of one of its longest tenured talents. After 10 years of ups and downs in the company, the WWE released Chavo Guerrero, Jr. For the first time in fifteen years, Chavo Guerrero is no longer working for a national promotion.

I think it is arguable as to whether the move was expected or a surprise. The release comes slightly a month after his disastrous match with Sin Cara at WWE Over the Limit. The match was full of mistimed moves and sloppy moves which were credited internally to Chavo. Right or wrong, the WWE had bigger expectations from Guerrero for the match. The company assumed he could work a lucha style (because you know, all Mexicans can work lucha), although he hadn’t worked lucha in decades and only did for a brief time early in his career to begin with. Unfortunately the misunderstanding looked like the final blow to a lengthy WWE career.

To me, Chavo never reached his full potential in the WWE. You can blame the WWE or you can blame Chavo, but he certainly had his chances. I think his shining moment came in when he teamed with his uncle the late Eddie Guerrero as the Los Guerreros. The Los Guerreros had a series of great to classic matches against teams like Edge and Rey Mysterio and Team Angle. Yet other than his run with Los Guerreros, there aren’t really many standout moments in his WWE tenure.

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