Chavez Blames Venezuela's Inability To Meet Basic Human Needs On El Nino And Global Warming

hugo chavez worried

Venezuela’s hydroelectric dams are screeching to a halt due to depleted water reservoirs, exacerbating already severe power outages.

Reportedly, traffic lights aren’t even working in some places. Hugo Chavez blames Global Warming:


“It’s a true emergency,” Chavez said yesterday on his state radio show. “Some opposition parties are determined to blame the government for the lack of rain in more than a year. The fundamental cause is the ill-named El Nino phenomenon, a product of climate changes that are hitting the world.”

The government is scrambling to avoid a power-grid collapse by buying generators from Brazil to China after nationwide rolling blackouts failed to prevent dam-water levels from dropping. Chavez fired his electricity minister and retracted an electricity conservation plan for Caracas last month after the measures left traffic lights without power, prompting protests.

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