Blackouts And Missing Power Plants Threaten Venezuelan Collapse, As Chavez Blames The Bourgeois For Grid Sabotage

hugo chavez worried

Power shortages continue to ravage Venezuela due to depleted output from drought-starved hydroelectric facilities that provide 70% of the nation’s power.

Black outs and brown outs are an increasingly serious threat to an already weakened Venezuelan economy, since with power shortages come reduced operating hours for factories, offices, and stores. Less output means economic contraction, pure and simple.

According to the opposition, more than a dozen thermoelectric power plants have been delayed over the years due to mismanagement. Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez is accusing the bourgeois of electricity sabotage.

Press Association:

Mr Chavez said authorities must be “on the alert” and apprehend anyone who cuts electricity cables connected to the grid.

Such sabotage has caused power failures in some regions and exacerbated the effects of severe energy shortages, he claimed.

“Be on the lookout. Patrols must be carried out to capture the saboteurs because those responsible must be caught and put in prison,” Mr Chavez said during his weekly television and radio programme.

Referring to his government’s adversaries, he said: “They think that’s how they’re going to topple Chavez and that’s what they’re seeking, but if there’s an electricity collapse, it won’t be Chavez who is going to fall. Prepare yourselves, bourgeois folks, because it will be you who will fall.” who is going to fall. Prepare yourselves, bourgeois folks, because it will be you who will fall.

Someone’s soon down for the count, we’re just not sure yet whether it is Hugo Chavez or Venezuela.

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