Here's THE Solution To Chatroulette's Penis Problem

Chatroulette Girl

Photo: Casey Neistat

We’ve solved 17-year-old Chatroulette founder Andrey Ternovskiy‘s penis problem.Or rather, a senior project manager from Missouri named John Spyers has.

He’s the guy who submitted the winning entry to our first annual Solve Chatroulette’s Penis Problem And Help It Make Billions And Billions Contest

(A quick recap: Chatroulette’s penis problem is that according to one study, of the approximately 3.9 million people who visited Chatroulette in February, about 507,000 of them were “perverts” — men using the site without the pants on, doing things to themselves.These pantsless perverts not only make Chatroulette a less than pleasant experience for the other 87% of users, they also reduce Chatroulette’s chances of becoming a profitable, brand-advertising supported site.)

John’s ingenious solution was for Chatroulette to “utilise a facial recognition scan or brief eye tracking scan before making connections.”

Per the contest’s rules, John put together a fantastic presentation demonstrating how his solution would work. (Go check it out >) In it, John explains:

“Not one of the people I’ve encountered displaying their wares on Chatroulette shows their face. So, utilise a facial recognition scan or brief eye tracking scan before making connections. If there’s no facial recognition, then pixelate teh image and prompt to accept cam feed.”

For winning the contest, John gets to have his resume posted here for all our hiring readers out there and have us send it to Andrey and pair of VCs we happen to know have interest in investing in Chatroulette.

So! Here’s John’s resume:

John's Resume
John's Resume
John's Resume
John's Resume

Click here to see John’s winning entry >

And see our next seven favourite entries:

  • When a user is reported for obscene behaviour, take their snap shot and post it to a “rogue’s gallery.”
  • Repeal and replace Chatroulette’s current “report” feature.
  • Create a sister site to Chatroulette, Rawchatroulette.
  • Recruit site admins who are already dead inside.
  • Allow users to tag and document offenders so administrators can deal with them..
  • Add a “bang” button users can click to disqualify obscene users for 5 minutes.
  • Bonus for style: Yet another facial recognition entry. (But this one is from Argentina)

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