Shrinking-Glacier Film Convinces Climate-Denying Bill O'Reilly Fan That Global Warming Is Real

Chasing Ice” is a documentary about shrinking glaciers. The film follows National Geographic photographer James Balog through Iceland, Greenland, and Alaska as he captures irrefutable evidence of the world’s changing landscape on time-lapse cameras.

The film’s message about the devastating effects of climate change is so convincing that it even turned a die-hard climate-denier — and admitted fan of political pundit Bill O’Reilly— into a true believer.

“[Chasing Ice] hasn’t just changed be about global warming, it has changed me as a person,” the woman says in a poignant video clip that was posted on YouTube. 

The film comes at a time when climate change is once again becoming a front-burner issue. Superstorm Sandy and the havoc it brought to the Eastern seaboard, particularly New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, reinvigorated the climate change discussion.

The movie’s release is also in sync with the two-week UN conference on climate change, which kicked off on Monday in the host nation of Qatar

‘Chasing Ice’ is currently in limited released. You can see showtimes and screenings here

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