Chase Coleman Picked Up Massive Stakes In Groupon And Yahoo, Loaded Up On Facebook

Chase Coleman

Photo: Gawker

Tiger cub Chase Coleman has filed his quarterly 13f with the SEC.So lets see what Tiger Global is holding.

New positions:

  • 7.2 million shares of Burger King
  • 1.3 million shares of Groupon
  • 467,597 shares of Heckman
  • 25 million shares of Yahoo
  • 275,000 shares of Vera Bradley


  • 878,175 shares of HomeAway¬†

Another interesting thing to note is that Coleman ramped up his stake in Facebook, going from 1,958,448 shares to 11,749, 221 shares.

Just FYI, we’ve noticed so far that Paul Tudor Jones and George Soros also picked up big stakes in Groupon last quarter. What’s going on here?

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