Chase Coleman’s Tiger Global Makes Huge Statement, Dumping Cable, While Buying Amazon, Netflix, And Apple


Chase Coleman’s hedge fund Tiger Global is out with his latest 13-F detailing  his moves in the first quarter.


Apple: Bought ~$120 million worth (282,796 shares). Now holds ~$493 million.

Netflix: Bought ~$200 million (832,000 shares). Now holds ~$200 million.

Amazon: Bought: 410,00 shares. Now holds 1.4 million shares.


Liberty Global: sold (182,000 shares). Now holds 6,483,000 shares.

Liberty Media Corp: sold ~$20 million (887,738 shares). Now holds 2,683,800 shares.

Cablevision sold ~$20 million (619,000 shares). Now holds 5,688,344 shares.

DIRECTV sold ~$70 million (2,497,500 shares). Now holds 3,827,900 shares.

Is he making a statement? Buying a bunch of new media companies, while dumping cable… certainly looks like it.

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