Charts: Venture capital is becoming increasingly important to the US economy

Companies backed by venture capital funds are increasingly important to the US economy, according to Researchers at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

American venture capital backed companies include Apple, Amazon, Starbucks and Google.

Their numbers show that since 1979, VC-backed companies account for 43% of all the companies floated.

The VC-backed companies account for 82% of the private research and development since 1979.

And when you include all public companies, including old standards like Ford and General Electric, VC-backed companies account for 42% of all the research and development in the United States.

Perhaps even more important for overall US economy, VC-backed companies also account for 38% of total employment since 1979.

So VC-backed companies are contributing disproportionately in employment and research, but the VC capital industry only raised a tenth of what private equity has raised.

Although, what the numbers can’t tell is us whether these companies could have made it without venture capital.

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