CHARTS: This is what social and online media thought about the 2017 federal budget

Treasurer Scott Morrison. Stefan Postles/ Getty Images

Sentiment about the 2017 federal budget on social and online media was more positive, or at least neutral in nature, than expected.

Media monitoring company Meltwater analysed 1111 online news articles and 9094 mentions in social media in the hours following the release of the budget on Tuesday night.

“Compared to the online articles published before the budget release, there was more neutral and positive online coverage,” says Meltwater.

Some online articles called the budget the “best” Australia has had in a while.

“This was due to the proposed plans for housing affordability, infrastructure, NDIS funding and school funding,” says Meltwater.

Some negative articles focused on the “attack” on banks, with some specifically discussing how the new levy on the big banks would affect the public.

Here’s how Meltwater measured sentiment:

The option for first home buyers to save for a deposit using their tax-effective superannuation accounts was greeted positively.

“Other positive coverage surrounded the government’s plans for infrastructure including inland rail networks and the Sydney Airport,” says Meltwater.

Here are some of the trending online news topics:

On Twitter, tweets relating to housing were both positive and negative.

“This was due to some posts supporting super deposits and some expressing frustration at housing affordability still not changing,” says Meltwater.

Tweets about NDIS were generally positive with widespread support for disability service funding.

“Some tweets even discussed how they understood the Medicare levy (which will rise by 0.5 of a percentage point) in order to fund the service,” says Meltwater.

Here are the topics trending on social media:

Meltwater uses natural language processing to rate words as negative, neutral or positive. Based on which words appear, how often and proximity to one another, the platform automatically generates a sentiment tag.

Issues are tracked using full text from all Australia’s major national, metropolitan and regional publications as well as online news sources. Meltwater also listens to and analyses conversations across social media platforms in Australia, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Here’s breakdown of social media sentiment by topic on the budget:

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