CHARTS: This is how much more expensive Telstra is than Optus and Vodafone

You’re still paying a premium for Telstra’s better coverage. James Alcock/Getty Images

New research has been released by Morgan Stanley that shows the change in prices for Australia’s leading telcos over the last five years using a value vs. price index.

Overall, competition between telcos is better than ever, but there are still a few interesting points.

The first is that Telstra still charges a decent premium across all price points in the post-paid market, particularly after a price war was waged by Vodafone pushing both theirs and Optus’s prices down.

Overall value of the telcos. Chart: Morgan Stanley

Things are a lot more even across the board in the pre-paid and sim only market, with Optus offering the best value across its plans, but Vodafone and then Telstra are not far behind it.

Now how the prepaid market compares. Chart: Morgan Stanley

Interestingly, just before the iPhone 6S came out last year, all three telcos lowered their included data of the highly competitive $80 plan point, before upping the value when Apple’s flagship did come out. After that, Vodafone’s $80 plan became slightly better value, while Optus’ and Telstra’s actually included less again.

The $80 per month price point is the most popular. Chart: Morgan Stanley

In the high-end of the segment, the $100+ market, we saw prices drop, rather than just adding more value to an existing price point. Optus’ $135 plan is now $100.

And of course, handset prices have risen significantly over the last three years, with Optus setting you back the most, averaging $20 per handset per month of repayments. Vodafone followed averaging $16, and Telstra was actually the cheapest, averaging $13.

But if you’re fishing around for a new phone service, here is your best value available right now for each carrier.

Telstra: BYO device L plan, includes unlimited calls and text messaging plus 10GB of included data for $60 per month. 12 month contract.

Vodafone: BYO phone plan, includes 12GB of data per month, unlimited calls and text for $45 per month. 24 month contract.

Optus: BYO phone plan, includes 10GB of data, unlimited calls and text for $50 per month. No lock in contract.

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