31 Charts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Lately, it feels like the news has been dominated by tragedy caused by natural disasters, evil people, and sometimes just carelessness.

However, it would be a mistake to turn into a cynic.

We’ve put together 30 charts that we think will help you restore your faith in humanity.

1) We’ve stopped fighting each other.

war chart

2) Democracy’s in. Autocracy’s out.

war chart

3) Slavery is disappearing. 

It's Getting Better slaves serfs

4) Everyone’s working way less.

“The Improving State of the World” (c) Cato Institute 2007. Used with permission

5) We have more money to spend on leisure.

It's Getting Better expenditures recreation

6) Illiteracy in America has been obliterated.

It's Getting Better illiteracy race

7) People used to die at 47. Now people are living to 77.

It's Getting Better life expectancy

8) Preventable illness are under control.

life exp

9) People with cancer are living longer.

It's Getting Better cancer survival

10) Fewer and fewer people are dying from guns.


11) And we’re shooting each other less.


12) Global poverty is on the wane. 

“The Improving State of the World” (c) Cato Institute 2007. Used with permission.

13) In the U.S., mothers have stopped dying in childbirth.

It's Getting Better maternal mortality

14) Smoking has declined.

It's Getting Better smokers quitters cigarette

15) Infant mortality is collapsing.

It's Getting Better infant mortality

16) Malaria is going away as research spending rises.

malaria deaths

17) Infectious diseases in the U.S. are pretty much gone.

It's Getting Better diseases US

18) People now take showers all the time.

It's Getting Better bath shower winter

19) And they brush their teeth.

It's Getting Better dental health

20) All U.S. homes are electrified, as power costs have dropped.

It's Getting Better electricity US homes

21) More efficient or more environmentally friendly energy sources continue to win out.

citi energy

22) Pittsburgh is no longer a single massive smokestack. 

It's Getting Better smoky days in Pittsburgh

23) Everyone is staying in school longer.  

years of education

24) Women’s education has more than caught up.

It's Getting Better degrees women

25) Women aren’t stuck at home anymore.

It's Getting Better homemaker time

26) Gadgets you can’t live without are now way cheap.


27) Computers are getting crazy fast.


28) It’s never been cheaper to fly.

It's Getting Better flying

29) Or safer.

It's Getting Better carl air plane fatalities

30) You’re getting a lot farther on a gallon of gas.

SAFE US motor vehicle fuel economy


BONUS: It takes less and less time to buy all kinds of stuff. A bicycle in 1895 used to take 260 working hours to buy. By 1997 it was down to 7.2.

montgomery ward

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