CHARTS: Superannuation Funds Have Made The Highest Return In 16 Years

Australian superannuation funds recorded a median return of 15.6% last financial year, with investors now sitting on 10.5% more than before the GFC.

Funds rating firm Chant West today reported that 2012-13 was the best in 16 years for super funds, especially for those heavily invested in listed shares and property.

BT’s Super for Life 1960s Lifestage was the top-performing fund for the year, returning 18.6%, while the worst-performing fund returned 10.2%, according to Chant West data.

“We’ve now had 4 consecutive positive financial year returns averaging about 8.8% per annum,” Chant West director Warrent Chant said.

“From that low point in early 2009, the median fund has not only recovered all its post-GFC losses but is now sitting about 10.5% above its pre-GFC high, which was achieved in October 2007.

“That’s a major turnaround.”

Australian shares surged 21.9% for the year, while hedged international shares rose 21.3% and unhedged international shares returned 33.1% due to the AUD’s decline.

Australian real estate investment trusts grew 24%, while global REITs grew 17.2%. Unlisted property rose 8.4%, while unlisted infrastructure rose 11.1%.

Cash, Australian bonds and international bonds returned 3.3%, 2.8% and 4.6% respectively, while private equity and hedge funds returned 5.6% and 9.2% respectively.

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