The 30 Charts And Stats That Obama Wanted You To See With The State Of The Union

state of the union deficit reduction

Photo: The White House

The White House had a live stream video of the State of the Union that was backed up by a series of charts and stats to drive home the points the President made. These 30 charts are the most significant stats from the speech. 

Sources are at the bottom of each slide and all came from the White House stream. 

A main emphasis of the speech was on the success of the recovery, specifically with jobs

The manufacturing sector has rebounded

The White House touted upcoming international trade partnerships

Exports are rising again

The president emphasised efforts to reduce the deficit over time with revenues and cuts

The President had a full throated defence of Social Security in his speech and stressed the importance of the program

He also pointed out success is slowing the rate of growth in health care costs

Still, it all comes back to revenue options.

The President was proud of major American companies investing in job growth

He also defended government investment in the sciences as both intellectually and economically crucial, such as the Human Genome Project's success

He also brought it back to climate change briefly...

... but was touting the growth of domestic production of fossil fuel minutes later.

He backed advancement in wind energy...

...the rise in cleaner natural gas...

...but his chart touting Solar was regrettable.

A cornerstone of many Democratic plans for economic growth entail infrastructure investment.

The president also spent time on education goals, and the need for secondary education beyond High School.

The U.S. has a lot of work to do when it comes to educating children

The brass tacks of the argument is that Americans with college degrees do much better financially

He highlighted the crucial demand for STEM jobs.

Another source of worker to make up this future gap is a broad base of foreign-born, American-educated workers

Impacts of the Violence Against Women Act were highlighted in light of upcoming House action on a renewal

He enlisted McKayla Maroney to help promote equal pay for equal work.

Obama then pivoted to defence and homeland security, starting out with an emphasis on cyber security

The troops are coming home

He also said that more than 125,000 veterans and military spouses have been hired so far

With no more elections left, his push for Election Reform may actually gain momentum with both his and Mitt Romney's campaign attorneys helming a commission.

The White House pushed support for their gun violence plans...

...and tried to emphasise the dire need for additional regulation.

While not a chart, this was by far the runaway hit from the speech: victims of gun violence deserve a vote.

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