CHARTS OF THE WEEK: Facebook Passes Google In Time Spent On Site For First Time Ever

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  • Here’s How Much The Big Brands Spend On Google
  • What If Microsoft Had Invented The iPhone
  • Facebook Passes Google In Time Spent On Site For First Time Ever
  • The Ugly Outlook For Nokia’s New CEO

Here's How Much The Big Brands Spend On Google

Over the weekend, Ad Age published a look inside Google's core business of search after reporter Michael Learmonth obtained internal documents listing how much various brand advertisers spend on keywords.

The biggest spender in the month of June was AT&T who spent $8.08 million trying to direct traffic to its site to sell iPhone 4s. Apple spent less than $1 million for the month. (It's somewhat humorous Apple helped Google, the company behind Android, pick up almost $9 million for the month.)

While big brand advertisers like AT&T will shell out for search keywords, for the most part Google doesn't rely on their business. The top 10 advertisers account for less than 5% of Google's total revenue for the month. (Be sure to read the whole story at Ad Age.)

What If Microsoft Had Invented The iPhone

It's worth imagining for a moment what would have happened if Microsoft had never gotten distracted by Google's search business (or AOL or Yahoo's ISP and ad businesses) and, instead, focused all that money and effort on developing the new markets that Apple now owns -- personal connected devices (iPods), smartphones (iPhones), and tablets (iPads.)

How much would that have been worth to Microsoft shareholders to own these markets, even with the same lack of success on the Internet front?

A lot.

We're just playing a 20-20 hindsight parlor game, of course, so you can make your own estimates. But to produce a quick one, it seems reasonable to just add Microsoft and Apple's stock-market values together.

If you do that, you conclude that Microsoft's stock price need not have fallen by more than half over the past decade, from ~$60 to $24.

You conclude instead that, if Microsoft had gone after and won these huge new markets that are much closer to its core business than Google's, it would now be by far the most valuable company in the US, with a market value of about $500 billion. And its stock, meanwhile, would be trading near an all-time high, around $70 per share.

Facebook Passes Google In Time Spent On Site For First Time Ever

If Google wasn't already scared of Facebook, this ought to do the trick.

Time spent on Facebook was greater than time spent on Google sites in the U.S. in August for the first time in history, according to fresh data from comScore.

Meanwhile, Yahoo continues its slide from the top of the heap to the bottom.

The Ugly Outlook For Nokia's New CEO

No matter where he goes, Stephen Elop is haunted by Google.

As head of Microsoft's Business division, he had to fend off Google's free Docs, which were attacking Microsoft Office. He managed, easily.

As newly installed CEO of Nokia, he must deflect Google's free Android software. A much tougher assignment.

As you can see, Nokia is crashing and burning in the smartphone world, which is the fastest growing, most lucrative part of the market. Nokia is going from a dominant leader today to barely hanging on in 2014, according to a forecast from Gartner.

Elop has to not only prevent this forecast from becoming a reality, but also discover a new business model.

What's not reflected in this chart is that Google doesn't care about making money from selling handsets or software. Google's an ad company. Nokia is not.

Is Elop up to the task of fending off Google once again?

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