These Charts Of Syrian Refugees Flooding Into Lebanon Are Stunning

The number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has broken 1 million people today, according to a UN Refugee Agency report.

The number of refugees has increased exponentially during the three years of the civil war in Syria. Last April, there was only 355,719 Syrian refugees in the country.

Today, almost 20% of all residents inside Lebanon are registered Syrian refugees. The UN notes that this influx is causing massive problems to the Lebanese infrastructure, with water and sanitation being particularly taxed.

Education services in Lebanon are also overwhelmed.

Over half of all refugees in Lebanon are children, the vast majority of whom can not go to school due to a lack of supplies. Many of the children who can not receive an education are forced to work, and young girls can be married off to support the family.

Refugees in Lebanon are increasingly incapable of finding suitable accommodation to support themselves. Increasingly, they are turning to tents, garages, and animal sheds as basic housing.

Refugees flee to Lebanon from across the entirety of Syria hoping to find an escape from the violence. Unfortunately, the refugee crisis has also caused a spillover of the Syrian war into Lebanese territory.

Cross-border raids and weapons smuggling are becoming common place. Attacks in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, have also increased as the Lebanese political party Hezbollah vows to continue fighting in Syria.

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