CHARTS: Why Long Videos Are Better For Advertisers Than Short Ones

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Before advertisers choose what kind of online videos they’re investing ad dollars in, they might want to look at these statistics.Even though the vast majority of online ads are pre-rolls that come before short videos play, it is the ads embedded in long videos are where the money is. In fact, ads in online videos that are 20+ minutes long have significantly higher completion rate than ads in shorter videos.

Tech company FreeWheel’s Video Monetization Report for Q3 2012 looked at 14 billion video views and 10.7 billion video ad views and outlines everything advertisers need to know.

While people watched 17 per cent more online videos than they did last year, what's really impressive is the increase in video ad views. That number went up by 49 per cent.

Even though the vast majority of professional online content is on shorter videos ...

... It's the long form videos that are the most heavily monetized. In fact, videos that are 20 minutes-plus average about seven ads per viewing as compared to 1.4 for five to 10 minute long videos and only 0.5 ads for short videos.

Video ads on longer videos have a 93 per cent completion rate.

Although people are significantly more likely to view videos on PC and Mac hardware, 10 per cent of videos (or 1.3 billion) were seen on non-Apple/PC brands (like Xbox) this quarter.

Here's the breakdown of video views by device. iOS represents 60 per cent; Android 30 per cent; and Xbox 10 per cent.

Even though watching videos on Android increased by 450 per cent since Q1, this is only half of how much people watch on Apple devices.

Advertisers should also definitely invest on this.

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