10 Surprising Charts About Sex


If you’re a regular Twitter user, you’re likely to have short relationships. It’s also more likely that you masturbated today.

Using data gleaned from its 7 million members, dating site OkCupid has discovered these correlations, among lots of others, and published them in a collection of highly revealing charts.

The site looked at factors from age to religion to meat-eating habits and came up with some unexpected conclusions — who knew that vegetarians had such positive feelings towards oral sex?

We’ve picked out some of the best factoids. Head to OKCupid’s blog to see an interactive chart that plots college tuition against how frequently students at that college like to have sex, and other cool moveable charts.

42 year old women who exercise find it easiest to achieve orgasm

Source: OkTrends

Half of 60-year-old men prefer rough sex -- but no 60-year-old women do

Source: OkTrends

Vegetarians are much more enthusiastic about giving oral sex than carnivores

Source: OkTrends

Twitter users find themselves in shorter relationships than non-tweeters

Source: OkTrends

Twitter users masturbate more

Source: OkTrends

Over 20 per cent of Jewish women claim they've never masturbated

Source: OkTrends

Curvy women surpass skinny ones in self confidence at age 29

Source: OkTrends

Men of all body types have roughly the same peak sex drive

Students at private colleges are hornier than students at public schools -- and Sarah Lawrence students are the horniest of all.

Switzerland has a higher percentage of people looking for casual sex than any other country.

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