Now Turn Your Attention Back To Soaring Inflation Levels Around The World

Inflation is rising for most parts of the world.  Emerging economies have been taking the lead for the past year, though some developed economies are catching on that front.  Needless to say, inflation in the United Kingdom has been above target for a time.  While the Bank of England has resisted raising the Bank Rate so far, pressure is mounting for them to do so.

Eurozone has some very diverging trends of inflation, with Ireland pretty much still inflationary, and Greece with much higher inflation.  Despite the diverging situation, the European Central Bank is very likely to raise interest rate in the coming April meeting.

China’s inflationary pressure is still there despite series of policy tightening.  But I did note that the fact of China’s enterprises came to Hong Kong to borrow money is a manifestation that credit in China has been tightened quite significantly.  I still expect more tightening down the road.




Source: National Bureau of Statistics (China), St. Louis Fed (United States), Office for National Statistics (United Kingdom), European Central Bank, Eurostat (Eurozone), Statistics Bureau (Japan), Ministry of Commerce and Industry (India)



Source: Eurostat


Source: Eurostat

China & Hong Kong


Source: National Bureau of Statistics, Census and Statistics Department

United States


Source: Bureau of Labour Statistics

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