CHART: Women voters are digging deeper into election issues than men

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Women are taking more of an interest in specific federal election issues, according to analysis of activity on Facebook by media monitoring group Meltwater.

While men drive about 60% of election-specific interactions on Facebook, women have shown more interest in issues including asylum seeker detentions, as this chart shows:

Source: Meltwater

Meltwater leveraged Facebook’s Topic Data Engine for this analysis.

Both men and women picked up on the Panama Papers, the deep leak of data from law firm Mossack Fonseca, one of the world’s largest suppliers of off-the-shelf companies in tax havens.

The database of the leaked papers shows prime minister Malcolm Turnbull was a director of a company called Star Technology Systems in the 1990s. Turnbull says there was “no suggestion of any impropriety whatsoever”.

Men tend to be mainstream in their following of issues on Facebook, taking an interest in the big story, the Panama Papers, and in the poll itself and the prime minister.

According to the Facebook data from May 11 to half of May 12, those aged 45 to 54 in NSW are the most negative, driven largely by the Panama Papers story.

Overall, Turnbull himself was on May 11 the leading Facebook topic driving engagement, tagged 24,700 times with Bill Shorten well behind with 2600.

And the Panama Papers is the second most tagged topic.

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