CHART: The Real Reason Why Some People In Baseball Are So Desperate To Get Rid Of Alex Rodriguez

According to reports, Major League Baseball is trying to end the career of Alex Rodriguez either with a lengthy suspension or a lifetime ban. But the real driving force behind the effort to rid baseball of ARod may be his declining production and the $95 million still left on his contract.

When the Yankees gave Rodriguez a 10-year $275 million contract in 2008, it was well-accepted that they would probably be overpaying for his production by the end of the new deal. But the Yankees probably also assumed they would at least still have a serviceable player that was breaking hallowed records and serving as a hero to fans.

Instead, the Yankees are probably feeling like they got duped.

It has been five years since Rodriguez was an elite player, and it has been two years since he was even a good player. And yet there are still four more years on his contract.

So while MLB will punish Rodriguez, don’t be surprised if the Yankees were the force that pushed for a lifetime ban…

Alex Rodriguez salary and production

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