CHART: Where the new jobs are in Australia

iPhone fans queue in Sydney. Cole Bennetts/Getty Images

Eight times more jobs were created over the last five years in Australia than were lost, according to industry analysts IBISworld.

“So much for the doomsayers who keep telling us we are losing vital jobs, and they are not being replaced,” says IBISworld. “Not so. Indeed, the jobs we are losing tend to have wages lower than the national average anyway.”

Australia’s unemployment rate fell to 6.2% in August with employment increasing by 17,400, well above expectations.

So, which sectors have all the jobs?

Almost four-fifths of jobs are in the service industries.

Agriculture made up more than 40% of all jobs in the 19th century but only 2.5% now.

Manufacturing was 30% of jobs in 1960 but is now less than 8%.

Retail once had 15% of all employment and is now two-thirds but that is under notice with the rise of online shopping.

Health is the biggest employer with almost 13% of the nation’s 11.8 million jobs.

Hospitality, including accommodation and cafes, is 7% and growing, with the foreign tourists expected to treble the current 7 million per year within a decade.

Professional and technical services is nearly 9%.

The services sectors are creating the vast bulk of the new jobs, as this chart shows.

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