CHART: Visualising The BCS Rankings To See Who Is Really Still A Championship Contender

Florida State moved back into the all-important second spot of the BCS rankings with a big win over previously unbeaten Miami. However, the switch may be short-lived as Oregon is just 0.09 points behind and will play fifth-ranked Stanford this week.

The big question now is whether there are three teams still in contention or four. The top three teams have a comfortable lead over Ohio State who needs two of the top three teams to lose. However, even then it is not clear if Ohio State is close enough to jump over two of those teams even if they have one loss.

At the bottom of the rankings, both Fresno State (no. 16) and Northern Illinois (no. 18) still have a shot to crash the BCS bowl party. If one or both schools finish in the top 12 or finish in the top 16 and ahead of a conference champion from one of the big conferences, they will receive an automatic bid to a BCS bowl game…

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