CHART UPDATE: Global Tablet Shipments And Market Share

The iPad is still dominant in the tablet market, accounting for ~65 of global tablet shipments last quarter.

Android tablets registered their highest share of the market since the first quarter of 2011 with a 22 per cent share. It should get another boost this quarter after the successful release of the Google Nexus 7, which sold out its initial run almost immediately after release.

The forked Android platforms, Kindle and Nook, saw huge declines. Their combined market share fell to 13 per cent, down from 40 per cent in the fourth quarter of last year. Neither has come close to matching shipment during last year’s holiday season. There are a few potential explanations for this:

  • They are feeling the heat from lower prices on older iPad models.
  • Their software and specs have fallen behind the rest of the market.
  • They are the “fruitcakes of tablets,” as BI’s Joe Weisenthal put it. Consumers gift them to friends and family, but won’t buy for themselves. 

The Google Nexus 7 wasn’t revealed to June so it had minimal impact on its 7-inch rivals, but it will keep the heat on this quarter. A revamped Kindle Fire 2 is expected to be announced soon.

Importantly, we include e-readers as a segment of the tablet market. The Kindle has always been a low-end tablet (same form factor, same app dynamics, some advertising). After the introduction of the Kindle Fire, moreover, the low-end and high-end of the market have now become a continuum.

We have updated our charts in the chart library. Here are the updated versions:

Global Tablet Shipments By Platform

Global Tablet Shipments

Tablet Market Share By Platform

Tablet Market Share

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