CHART: Tony Romo's Numbers Compare Very Well To The NFL's Best Quarterbacks

When the Cowboys take on the Eagles in their winner-take-all game on Sunday, they will likely do so without one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL as Tony Romo is not expected to play.

Using Adjusted Yards per Pass Attempt (AY/A), a statistic that is typically a better indicator of how well a quarterback has played than traditional stats, we see that Romo has actually been more consistent than the NFL’s best quarterbacks at the same ages. The difference between Romo and the others is the lack of the peak seasons on his resume and of course playoff success. Otherwise, his numbers are up there with the best.

Over the last eight seasons, Romo has averaged 7.8 AY/A, which takes yards per pass attempt and adjusts that for interceptions thrown. If we look at other quarterbacks during their ages 26-33 seasons, we see Romo is just behind Peyton Manning (8.0 AY/A) and Tom Brady (7.8), better than Drew Brees (7.6), and well-above the NFL average (6.5).

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