These 10 jobs claim the most tax deductions in Australia

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The 10 jobs that claim the biggest tax deductions in Australia have been revealed by online service provider

The figures, which represent overall data from the Australian Taxation Office and not just those from customers, show that the average Australian claims $3,041 of deductions on their tax return.

Real estate agents and lawyers topped the league table, claiming $8,634 and $7,156 respectively. But those people shouldn’t be judged as shady because, according to senior tax agent Simone Gielis, there are legitimate reasons why some jobs force people to rack up a high level of expenses.

“The top claiming fields tend to have two things in common: the nature of their work means they have a lot of work-related expenses, and the employing company doesn’t offset or reimburse them for these costs. So, checkout operators who have minimal expenses will have lower claims — as reflected in the occupation’s average deduction of $814.”

Gielis said real estate agents end up claiming almost triple the average because hardly any of their expenses are covered by the employer.

“This means the financial demands of their work, such as car maintenance, licencing fees and incidental out of pocket costs, are all deductable.”

Laywers also have expenses related to travelling to visit clients, self-education and annual professional fees.

“Interestingly, lawyers are also more charitable than the average working Aussie, claiming $1,173 worth of gifts and donations per year, whereas the national average is $650.”

Here are the top 10 professions that claim the most tax deductions:

Top 10 jobs that claim the most tax deductions in Australia. (Source:, ATO)