CHART: The Top Ten Baby Names In Australia Last Year

Oliver has for the first time emerged as the most popular name for new baby boys.

In 2013, Oliver overtook William to be the top name. For girls, it was Charlotte.

There were more than 2,082 boys born named Oliver and 1,969 girls named Charlotte last year.

Out of favour are Hamish (falling 17 places to 89th) and Molly (dropping 19 places to 57th).

Rapidly gaining popularity are Rider and Aria.

While Australia is setting new records in the number of babies born per year, more than 315,000 in 2013, parents are being more original with fewer babies being given one of the Top 20.

According to analysis by McCrindle Research, parents are congregating less around the most popular names as part of an ongoing trend towards choosing less common names.

In 2013, 39.6% of babies were named one of the Top 100 baby names compared to 40.6% in 2012.

McCrindle Research says parents are increasingly wanting to give uniqueness and individuality to the names of their children, especially for baby girls.

The Top 100 saw 8 new boys’ names and 11 new girls’ names enter the list.

The names Louis, Nathaniel, Felix, Aaron, Lewis, Parker, Jett, and Seth entered the Top 100 in place of Declan, Cameron, Zac, Gabriel, Christopher, Callum, Andrew, and Muhammad which dropped out of the Top 100.

The shift in baby girl names saw an entrance into the Top 100 list of Penelope, Ayla, Harriet, Daisy, Elsie, Indie, Pippa, Indigo, Nevaeh, Payton, and Daisy, which replaced 11 names which dropped below 100th: Amy, Tahlia, Kayla, Gabriella, Josephine, Mariam, Angelina, Elise, Ebony, Lacy and Lauren.

Ryder, Hudson, and Lincoln had the most significant increases in popularity among boys’ names – Ryder leaped 21 places to 65th, Hudson jumped 18 places to 33rd, and Lincoln moved 17 places to 50th.

Leo and George also increased their ranking by more than 10 places – Leo jumping to 39th from 54th and George taking 60th place from 71st in the previous year.

Hamish was not so lucky, experiencing the largest drop of the boys, falling 17 places to 89th. Dylan and Hayden shared in their misfortune, both names plunging 16 places to 56th and 68th, respectively.

The most significant leap in girls’ names was found among Aria which rose 26 places to 57th overall. Eloise, Lillian, and Evelyn saw increases of 19, 18, and 16 places, respectively.

Molly experienced the biggest decline in popularity from 2012 to 2013, dropping 19 places to 57th. Jade and Caitlin both dropped 15 places and Rose, which saw a rise of 19 places from 2011 to 2012, fell 13 places in 2013 to sit at 76th.

McCrindle Research’s Baby Names Australia report analyses all registered baby names across the eight Births, Deaths and Marriages offices in Australia and New Zealand.

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