CHART: The more a country pollutes, the less its people are concerned about climate change

There is a strong correlation between the amount of carbon a country emits and concern about climate change.

This chart, shows how much carbon a country emits per capita, increasing from left to right. Concern about climate change increases from top to bottom.

The countries on the left are lower emitters and are more concerned about climate change. The higher emitters, like Australia and the United States, are over to the right and are less worried.

The numbers come from a global survey about climate change attitudes, prepared by not-for-profit data company Pew, and show a majority of nations are very concerned about its effects.

However, concern is dropping among some bigger emitters, including South Korea, Japan and Russia.

A possible explanation is that countries with high emissions and low concern, like the US and Australia, have greater means to deal with the effects of climate change than countries on the other end of the spectrum – largely countries in Africa and Asia Pacific.

You can check out all of the data over on Pew.

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