CHART: The Gap Between Male And Female Wages Is Growing, Rather Than Shrinking

Photo by Jamie McDonald / Getty Images.

The pay gap between genders over the past 12 months has widened.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ average weekly earnings data, on average men are earning almost $15,000 more a year compared to women.

Driven by the mining sector’s high average wages and male dominated workforce, the gap between male and female earnings has grown 7.6% in the past year.

“One key reason for the disparity is the strength in demand for labour in male dominated sectors, such as mining and construction. However given the pullback in mining investment it is likely that the gap between male and female wages widens at a slower pace,” CommSec economist Savanth Sebastian said.

Over the past 12 months male wages have risen 2.9% compared to a rise of 1.9% for female wages over the same period.

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