CHART: The Decline Of New Australian Resources Projects May Include A Brief Rebound

Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics

This chart forecasts how the decline in the investment phase of the infrastructure boom will play out of the next few years.

The big game in town at the moment is natural gas and building the infrastructure needed to get it out of the ground and move it to where it’s needed.

However, the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics says a short rebound is just possible.

“In 2015 there is the potential for a rebound in resources and energy sector investment,” the bureau says in its latest six monthly update report, Resources and Energy Major Projects.

“This rebound would require a substantial portion of projects assessed as possible to be approved as committed investment.”

However, the bureau says a substantial number of high value projects which would have sustained the record levels of investment have been either delayed or cancelled.

An additional 71 projects in the planning stages of the investment pipeline have been delayed by a year, or more, in the past six months.

The Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics:

“The latest cycle of investment in the resources and energy sector therefore appears to have peaked. However, with over 250 projects still being planned there is the potential for a rebound in investment over the outlook period in the right commercial and market conditions.”

Gas tanks at Chevron’s Gorgon Project

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