CHART: The Cowboys Are Destroying The Redskins Off The Field

Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys for $US140 million in 1989. Since then, the Cowboys have risen 1,543% in value to $US2.3 billion based on the most recent valuations by

Daniel Snyder has not had the same level of success with the Redskins as an investment. Shortly after purchasing the team for $US800 million in 1999, the ‘Skins became the NFL’s most valuable franchise. But since 2006, the growth of the Redskins’ value has slowed, and the Cowboys’ value has continued to soar.

Since 1999, the value of the Cowboys has risen $US1.64 billion (248.5%), while the Redskins have risen $US1.09 billion (178.7%). However, in just the last six years, the Cowboys’ value is up $US800 million (53.3%) while the Redskins’ value is up just $US230 million (15.6%).

On the field, the Cowboys and Redskins are both fighting for this year’s Super Bowl. But off the field, Jerry Jones has already won…

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