CHART: The Corporate Stress Load Is Getting Heavier With Many Aussies Losing Sleep

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The bigger the company, the heavier the stress load.

A survey of 20,000 people across 95 countries found people working in larger firms are more stressed than those in small businesses.

Companies with more than 250 employees reported 61% of workers with high levels of stress-related illness compared to 54% of firms with less than 40 staff.

The survey, by Regus, the global workplace provider, also found that stress is causing a worrying increase in absenteeism (49%) that is damaging business productivity.

In Australia, 54% are reporting stress-related illness.

Similar research conducted by Regus in 2012 found that 38% of respondents in Australia felt their stress levels had risen in the past year.

The latest study found two-fifths (42%) of Australians are now losing sleep worrying about work.

Other Australian findings:

  • 36% worried about losing their job;
  • 48% feel less confident about the sector they work in
  • 42% report that family and friends have noticed they are stressed by work
  • 43% say that stress is damaging their co-workers’ personal relationships
  • 71% say flexible working helps to ease stress

This chart shows survey results by city. Adelaide respondents reported high levels of stress:

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