CHART: The 'Clear Chain Of Command' Under Operation Sovereign Borders

Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott announced the Coalition’s border protection policy in Brisbane this morning.

The announcement’s here and you can read a news summary here.

It will be led by an ADF commander with a three-star ranking, who will report to the immigration minister and oversee resources from various government agencies involved, including the AFP, Border Protection Command, and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

From the policy document, below is the chart showing the chain of command.

When you start thinking about the different agencies and agendas this military commander is going to have to handle, it starts to look like a pretty messy job. In fact, it looks not unlike something Kevin Rudd would dream up and maybe goes to show that even a policy that’s easy to explain can be complex to implement; it’s just that Rudd loves to talk about the finer details.

The national security committee of cabinet involving six ministers coming from one side and then there no less than 12 agencies who’ll be leaning in as part of the Operation Sovereign Borders Interdepartmental Reference Group.

The Coalition says the OSBIDRG will be a “clearing house to address interagency issues” and will not be dealing with operations.

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