CHART: The Chinese are now the world's top spending tourists

Feng Jing Lai, of China, gets his feet wet at Bondi Beach. Don Arnold/Getty Images

The economic miracle of China has created the world’s biggest spending tourists.

Chinese travellers spent a record $US165 billion ($A230 billion) offshore in 2014, a 27% increase, according to UN agency the World Tourism Organisation.

And there’s a lot more to come.

In per head of population terms, spending on travel by the Chinese is still very low, just $121 each ($A170). Compare that to the top spending Germans who drop $US1137 ($A1600) each year, just ahead of Australians who spend $US 1114 ($A1564).

Australia moved down one place in the rankings into 9th position as travel spending fell by 2% to $US26 billion ($A36 billion).

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