CHART: The best and worst performing listed tech companies in Australia and New Zealand

Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

New Zealand investment firm Clare Capital has compiled two charts that show the best-performing and worst-performing public tech companies on the ASX and NZX.

The measurements are based on the movement in share price in the last 6 months.

“44% of the tech-companies have recorded a positive increase in share price,” said Clare Capital director Kent Hammond.

“At the top-end, there are 14 companies recording a greater than 50% increase in their share price.”

Logistics software company GetSwift came out as the overall “winner”, with more than 200% growth in its share price in the past six months. The startup, led by former Brisbane and Melbourne AFL player Joel Macdonald, went through a turbulent 2016 when it fell out with early backer BlueChilli and failed in a reverse listing attempt.

Click to enlarge. (Source: Clare Capital)

But the share price, now at 86 cents, has climbed rapidly since its IPO in December, when stocks were put on the market for just 20 cents. This is despite the company raising $24 million last month through the issuing of 30 million new shares at 80 cents each.

Coming a distant second was marketing tech startup Tech Mpire, which in May appointed former Google executive Lee Hunter as chief executive to take over from founder Luke Taylor. Its shares have climbed just over 125% after hitting a 12-cent trough in December.

The “losers” graph features some companies that have become defunct in the past half-year, such as stakeholder engagement software company Omni Market Tide.

“There are 28 companies which have recorded a greater than 50% reduction in share price,” said Hammond.

Click to enlarge. (Source: Clare Capital)

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