CHART: The 20 Most Generous Suburbs In Australia

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Enthusiasm for giving to charity is fading a little in Australia.

Charitable giving growth slowed to 6.4% in the year to August 2014 from a peak of almost 9% in early-2014, according to the latest NAB Charitable Giving Index.

Difficult economic conditions appear to be playing a role, with sub-trend economic growth, a tepid labour market and subdued consumer confidence.

The NAB surveys of consumer anxiety show high concerns over the cost of living.

And one area of spending where consumers are cutting back is giving to charity.

These are the stand out areas for giving:

Source: NAB

The average annual donation size for all charities increased by $11 over the past year to $315 per donor.

Postcode data continues to show a strong relationship between average incomes and average dollar giving.

Here are the top giving suburbs by state as measured by percentage of income donated:

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