CHART: The 10 best countries in the world to be an expatriate

Craig Sillitoe/Getty Images

Australia is the seventh best place in the world for expatriates, well behind Singapore and New Zealand, according to HSBC’s latest Expat Explorer league.

The bank’s survey, of 22,000 people across the world, reveals insights about living as an expatriate as it relates to family life, the economic benefits and the sheer experience of it.

Singapore, New Zealand and Sweden take out the top three spots, as this chart shows:


While Singapore has the overall best score, New Zealand ranks first for the expat experience and also first for family life. It falls down on the economic benefits where it ranks only 16th

In Australia, the majority (57%) of expats come from the UK. And most come here with quality of life as the strongest reason.

The Aussie outdoor way of life is seen as improving the health of families, with 68% of expats in Australia reporting an increase in physical activity for their children, twice the global average of 34%.

“Globally, expats are drawn to Australia’s beaches and lifestyle as they chase that elusive work/life balance, and now that the sand between their toes is combined with a low Aussie dollar there are even more reasons for expats to call Australia home,” says Graham Heunis, head of retail banking at HSBC Australia.

Expats also indicate that Australia’s entrepreneurial culture is a drawcard. Almost half (47%) say the country is a good place to start a business and that Australia enables them to progress their career.

“It is no surprise that innovators and entrepreneurs are flocking down under,” says Heunis. “Australia is fertile ground for expats looking to set up businesses because it has a stable political environment, sound legal framework and strong financial, trade and people links to Asia.”

The Expat Explorer score is the average of the economics, experience and family scores, covering 27 key questions from the survey.