This Chart Shows Exactly When Americans Got The Most And Least Sleep Throughout The Year

There are tons of factors that can affect your sleep on a nightly basis — i.e. how much activity you got that day, what you ate, and how stressed you are.

These factors usually vary based on your habits, but Jawbone, maker of the UP fitness wristbands, was able to gather data that shows how Americans sleep in general.

The chart is based on data from more than one million UP wearers that use Jawbone’s band and app to track their sleep. So, it’s not a completely conclusive study at how all Americans sleep, but there are some common trends worth noting.

In the US, for example, Jawbone wearers usually went to sleep later and woke up later during holidays like Christmas and New Years Eve. That doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, but it’s still interesting to see how our sleeping patterns shift throughout the year as the seasons change.

In the summer, for instance, people generally went to sleep later and woke up earlier.

Take a look at the chart for yourself below, and head over to Jawbone’s blog to see an interactive version of the chart and how countries slept around the world.

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