This chart shows the massive size of the purge currently underway in Turkey

After a failed coup on July 15 that killed over 300 people, the scene in Turkey is now more hectic than ever. 

Following security meetings in the capital, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced sweeping reforms — everything from attempting to reinstate the death penalty to the mass crackdown of suspected parties involved in the coup.

To illustrate how widespread Erdogan’s purge has spread, Statista has compiled the figures into this graph:

Infographic: The Targets Of Erdogan's Purge Statista

Thus far, tens of thousands of people have been detained or removed from their positions  —  many of those not in uniform and working in other public sectors, including teachers, journalists, and clerics. Reports have also come forth that after being denied access to water and food for several days, many have been raped and tortured.

Although at first glance the removal of those in Turkey’s education sector may seem unrelated to the coup, the Gulen movement — the suspected group that masterminded the coup — has a foundational base in the country’s education system.

In addition to the the detained civilians, it was also reported that Turkish officials had arrested two senior generals that were at the time serving overseas with NATO.

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