In The Finals, Allen Has Been The Best Player, But Bosh Has Been The Most Important

Below is a look at how Points over Par (PoP) for the first two games of the NBA Finals. It shows that no player has been more valuable so far than Ray Allen.

PoP, a stat developed by, takes a look at how many points a player was worth to his team while he was on the court. An average player is worth 0.0 points. And a team made up of average players would go 41-41 during the regular season.

In the first two games of the NBA Finals, both Allen (3.4 PoP in gm 1, 3.8 in gm 2) and LeBron James (3.2/3.6) have been the best and most consistent players.

But the biggest difference between games one and two were Tim Duncan, who went from 3.3 PoP to -7.2 Pop, and Chris Bosh, who had a terrible first game (-3.6 PoP) but rebounded for a great second game (7.2 PoP).

So the key to game three will likely be which Duncan and Bosh show up. If one does and the other doesn’t, that player’s team will likely win…

Data via The Wages of Wins Journal

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