QUIZ TIME: How Many Of These 12 Charts Can You Identify?


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It’s one of the slowest market days in a while, so we have a fun game for you.We’ve put together 12 charts, each with identifying characteristics removed. Some are just the line. Others have the line and the price or the line and the date.

If you’ve been paying attention to the economy and markets for the last few years, each should be clearly recognisable.

In the following slideshow, we put each chart twice. The first one is the question. Guess before you skip to the next one to see if you got it right.

What's this chart that plunged during the recession, but briefly spiked in 2009?

What spiked in 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010?

Government employment! Each spike is due to Census hiring.

What kept surging even after the recession began?

Crude oil!

What global currency has been crushing the US dollar non-stop for decades?

The US Dollar has been sliding against the Japanese yen for decades, despite Japan's ginormous debts.

Which industry is shown crashing in this stock market bubble chart? Hint: Note the year.

Rail stocks were the .com bubble decades earlier.

What industry never sees job losses, even during recession?

Healthcare! The industry of the future.

What city's home prices looks like this?

Phoenix Arizona, where home prices once rose 50% in a single year.

No hints: What's this a chart of?

It's the unemployment rate in North Dakota, which amazingly barely got over 4% during the worst of the recession (thank you oil boom).

What year is this?

That is the great crash of 1987.

What got crushed in the crisis, bounced back a little in 2009, then crashed again, and now is coming back.

New single family housing starts! They bounced back a little prematurely due to the first-time homebuyers tax credit.

What peaked one time in 1980, and is now on a historic run?


What's this?

It's the VIX -- AKA the 'Fear Index' -- which surges during market panics.

How did you do?

12 correct answer: Economic genius.

10-11: Maven.

6-9: You're still smarter than most of your friends

4-8: At least you're interested

0-3: You need to read Business Insider more

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