CHART: Proof That The PC Is Dying A Slow, Painful Death

We saw this excellent chart from Horace Dediu retweeted by Techmeme today. It shows PC sales, including Android and iOS devices, from the dawn of time to today.

As you can see, PC sales have started to go flat. Based on recent numbers from last quarter, they may have already hit their peak. 

Meanwhile, Macs are gaining steady momentum while Android and iOS devices are blowing up. 

One thing that could break the trend: We’re still interested to see what this chart looks like about six months from now once all those fancy new Ultrabooks we saw at CES finally hit the market. Those could give PC sales a major boost considering how cheap and efficient they are.

Anyway, here’s the chart:

history of PC sales chart

[credit provider=”Horace Dediu, ASYMCO” url=””]