CHART: Peyton Manning Has A Shot To Surpass Joe Montana As Most Decorated Quarterback Ever

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are tied with five combined Super Bowl wins and Most Valuable Player awards. Of course, most of Manning’s success has come during the regular season (four MVPs), while Brady has been better in the postseason (three Super Bowl rings).

During the Super Bowl era, those two trail only Joe Montana, who combined to win six Super Bowls and MVP awards. However, Manning has a good shot to move to top of the list in the next month.

Manning is expected to win this year’s MVP and the Broncos are one of the favourites to win the Super Bowl among the eight teams still alive. If both happen, Manning will leap-frog Montana, jump ahead of Brady, and strengthen his argument for being the greatest quarterback of all time. Here are all the quarterbacks that have won at least two combined Super Bowls and MVPs during the Super Bowl era.

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