CHART: Over a million Chinese visited Australia last year

Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

In the year to November 2015, over one million Chinese visited Australia’s shores, making it only the second nation behind New Zealand to reach this monumental level.

According to the ABS, 93,700 Chinese visited Australia in November, taking the total over the past year to a whopping 1,013,700.

As the chart above reveals, the growth in Chinese arrivals has been stunning.

In annual terms, arrivals increased by 132% in just the past five years. Extending that to a decade ago, that percentage rises to 261%. Compared to November 1995 – two decades ago – that figure jumps to a mind boggling 2,385%.

In numeric terms, that equates to an annual increase in visitor arrivals of 972,900 in just two decades.

Truly amazing.

While New Zealand, at 1,302,000, is still the largest source of inbound visitor arrivals, it appears to be only a matter of when, not if, China takes this mantle.

In overall terms, short term visitor arrivals to Australia rose to 7.36 million in the year to November, a 6.9% increase on the figure of a year earlier.

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