CHART: Can Chris Davis Catch Barry Bonds’ Home Run Record?

Chris Davis hit his 28th home run on Tuesday night in just the Orioles’ 78th game. But as the chart below shows, Davis has a ways to go before he even threatens Barry Bonds’ record of 73 home runs in a season.

Through 78 games, Bonds had already hit 39 home runs in 2001, 11 more than Davis has at this point. Roger Maris, the player whom many believe is still the true record holder, had 32 home runs through 78 games.

Davis is ahead of Babe Ruth’s pace of 60 home runs hit in the 1927 season. Through 78 games, Ruth had 27 home runs.

If Davis can reach 60, it will still be an impressive feat. Since Bonds hit 73 home runs, only two players (Ryan Howard with 58 in 2006, Alex Rodriguez with 57 in 2002) have hit at least 55 home runs…

Chris Davis home run pace