CHART OF THE DAY: YouTube's Hulu-Killer Not Coming Close

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One of Google’s (GOOG) hopes for YouTube is for it to become a platform for people to watch full-length TV episodes, the way Hulu — owned by NBC, Fox, and ABC — has taken off.

But so far, it’s not very popular. In terms of overall views, even Hulu’s 175 promotional clips on YouTube — mostly Family Guy and Simpsons clips chopped up to promote Hulu — are currently crushing YouTube’s 3,215 full-length TV shows, according to video analytics firm TubeMogul.

Part of the difference is that it’s easier for people to watch more short clips than full-length shows. But it also suggests that YouTube is going to have to get better full-length content and promote it better. That could someday even entail a deal with Hulu.


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