CHART OF THE DAY: Yahoo's New Ad Campaign Is Flopping

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Yahoo launched a $100 million ad campaign on September 22 to promote its homepage and websites with the catchy slogan “It’s Y!ou”.

So far, it looks like the campaign isn’t paying off. Uniques to the site on a weekly basis are basically unchanged since the campaign started, according to data from comScore.

Long term, without a campaign, Yahoo’s traffic was growing fine on a monthly basis, going to 118 million uniques in October 2009 from 89 million uniques in October 2006.

One positive metric for Yahoo: Time spent on the site is up 7% according to Hitwise. But it’s lower than the year before.

It’s still early in the campaign, but so far it looks like no one cares if “It’s Y!ou” or not.

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