CHART OF THE DAY: Windows Has Been The Majority Of Microsoft's Growth Lately

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Microsoft has been trying very hard to diversify its business in the last 10 years. For the most part it has done a pretty good job, building 8 new billion dollar businesses in the last decade.

But as hard as it tries to change its ways, there’s no escaping that Windows is one of the main drivers for the company. The SF Gate recently reported that “87% of its growth in the 12 months before its last quarterly report came from its Windows and Windows Live division.”

We decided to chart out Microsoft’s growth with that as the inspiration. As you can see, Windows was the prime growth engine in fiscal 2010. Makes sense since Windows 7 was new. Going back a few years, you can see Windows isn’t the only big growth engine.

You can also see that the financial crisis really crushed Microsoft’s growth, as business and IT spending fell off. That should pick up again next year.

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