CHART OF THE DAY: Twitter Raises Cash Pile As Traffic Growth Slows

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Twitter is raising $100 million at a $1 billion valuation to fund the next phase of its development. Let’s hope it can figure out a way to kickstart its traffic growth again, which has stalled since its explosion earlier this year.

During August, the company attracted 55 million unique visitors (worldwide) to, according to comScore. That’s up about 3 million, or 6%, over July. That’s solid, but nothing like its go-go month of April, when it grew by 13 million uniques (~70% m/m) or June, when it grew by 7 million uniques (~20% m/m).

To be sure, Twitter’s traffic growth is not the same as its user growth, which is ultimately more important. And comScore does not include visits from mobile devices, Twitter’s SMS users, iPhone apps, etc. But Twitter’s cash-raising timing still looks good…

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